Captivating riverside Sanctuaries of London

In today’s world every country is densely populated, water bodies are short of water and animals are struggling for their natural homes. But there are some places in the world having animals living in harmony with the nature and to witness it, visit riverside sanctuaries of London. It is must to visit places for folks of all age as elders get to experience peace, children would love to see the wild life and youngsters can have amazing picnic at these sanctuaries.

Try to visit these sanctuaries, if not all them at least visit some of them as these are heavenly places with beauty of wild life and nature. Check out 5 best river side sanctuaries-

• Beam Parkland : grab the lifetime chance to delight in the nature oasis situated in the eastern London spread in an almost 13 hectare of land. Watch out the sanctity of woodland, grassland and fenland. Also enjoy paddling or walking on the side of wantz stream and river beam almost which stretches to almost 8 Km.

• Deptford Creek, Greenwich and Lewisham:- at this point river Thames merges with Ravensbourne. Enjoy bird gazing as you may frequently get to see sandmartins nesting and raising their young ones here at this mesmerizing spot.

•Beverly Brook, Richmond park:Beverly brook is river stretched to a 14.3 Km and passes through Richmond Park which is restored to help the river to maintain its sanctity. You can also gather memories of watching around 144 species of bird, 300 red deer, 350 fallow deer, bats, fungi and wide range of invertebrates like butterfly, spiders, moth, and thousands of beetle species.

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